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Did the angels who sinned before the flood, practice gene-splicing?

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 Myth: The angels who sinned before the flood, practiced gene-splicing

Is there gene-splicing in The Book of Enoch?

From time-to-time I have seen people claim that when Enoch writes the Watchers taught their wives about “the cutting of roots” that this is a reference to gene-splicing. This view undercuts the assertion in Enoch’s book that the sin of the angels was sexual in nature and the monstrous offspring of the Watchers were the product of sex with human women.

Angels + Humans = Nephilim

Also, the immediate context to the phrase “the cutting of roots” seems to indicate the magical, occult use of the earth’s products, something certain occultists do even now.

“They taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants”. (Enoch 7:1)

The bottom line is this, there simply is no authoritative, ancient Scripture for the Watchers needing to resort to gene-splicing to accomplish their evil plans. {Top}

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